The projects below feature some of our favorite placements of music from our artist and trailer music catalogs. Please click each project to watch. If you are an artist or catalog and would like to have your music placed into trailers, please drop us a line.

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    The Killer Official Trailer

    Used as stems and in parts "You Will Regret That" by Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez...

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    Stars At Noon

    For this trailer project, Sencit licensed the song “She Found Me” from Natasha K...

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    Valorant Season 5 Promo

    This promo for Riot Games' Valorant Season 5 features Flex by Sencit artist DYLN...

  • People leaning against the wall being searched by the police

    We Own This City (Trailer)

    Midst of the Madness, written & produced by Marcel Rodriguez Lopez, featuring As...

  • Close-up of a man holding another man by his collar


    Music from the Tenth Dimension collection was selected to carry this trailer for...

  • Illustration of a group of characters, one is tall and is holding an axe, one is holding a guitar and the other is holding a wand

    Vox Machina

    We activated three departments in the creation of this Vox Machina trailer: Musi...

  • Close-up of a individual with red eyes wearing an iron mask

    Doom Patrol

    'Powered Up' by Cobra Man carries the 2nd half of this trailer for HBO’s Doom Pa...

  • A women painting a doll house


    Pushing the envelope of trailer sound is Sencit's forte. The often referenced so...

  • Illustration of toys in a room
    Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4

    The official trailer for Toy Story 4, featuring 'Mischievous Child', composed by...

  • Man opening his arms and protecting himself from a dinosaur

    Jurassic World

    Black Lake,' from Tenth Dimension: Desolation, can be heard in this trailer for ...

  • Characters Flying in the middle of dark clouds

    Avengers: Endgame

    'Out Here Destroying It' from Tenth Dimension v21 carries this TV spot for the A...

  • A man holding a hairy individual


    'Break the Infinite City' from Tenth Dimension 20 can be heard in this trailer f...

  • A man and a woman side by side looking in front


    This trailer won two Silver Clio awards in 2018 - one for Music and the other fo...

  • Creatures fighting and throwing weapons

    Shadow of War

    This trailer for Warner Brothers' Shadow of War is carried by 'Rise Again' from ...

  • Man's mugshots

    Making A Murderer

    'Uncovering the Truth' from Tenth Dimension: Beginnings can be heard in this tra...

  • Person wearing a gas mask with flames background

    Battlefield 1

    The objective for Battlefield 1 was to incorporate the game's theme into the off...

  • Illustration of the Characters

    Inside Out

    'Brand New Day' from Tenth Dimension: Imagination opens up this teaser trailer f...

  • Kids wearing animal masks

    Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary international TV spot features 'The Bowels of Hell' from Tenth Dime...

  • Robot woman touching a man's face

    Ex Machina

    'Covert Pulse' from Tenth Dimension: Noises & Pulses Vol. 1 was utilized this TV...

  • Cinderella character going down the stairs


    'A Magical Journey' from Tenth Dimension: Imagination is featured throughout thi...

  • Two people embracing, the woman is resting on the man's chest


    The official Sencit remix of Wiz Khalifa's 'No Limit' was used throughout this t...

  • Character looking at the 5 Iron Man suits
    Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3

    Many thanks and respect to the late Chris Park for the call on this project.

  • Paddington Bear in jail with other prisoners

    Paddington 2 (Trailer)

    'Frantic Fun' from Tenth Dimension: Imagination can be heard in this trailer for...

  • Paddington Bear clinging to the outside of a train

    Paddington 2 (Teaser)

    This teaser for Paddington 2 features the timeless cue 'Spirited' from our Tenth...

  • Three armed military men

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Building off of 'The Killing Noise,' from Tenth Dimension 4, the call here was t...

  • Illustration of ninja lego man

    The Lego Ninjago Movie

    'Falling Apart,' from Tenth Dimension v15, carries the intro section in this tra...

  • Two man carrying travel bags

    War Dogs

    This TV Spot for War Dogs features a mashup of 'Appetite For Destruction' from T...

  • Illustration of a rabbit picking vegetables

    Peter Rabbit

    'A New Found Hope' from Tenth Dimension: Imagination is the opening cue in this ...


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