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Deathloop (Gameplay Trailer)


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Close-up of an old bloody saw

Horror Counterpoint

A tender, nostalgic favorite twisted up and turned on its head to make your skin crawl.


Team headshot

Stars At Noon


For this trailer project, Sencit licensed the song “She Found Me” from Natasha Kmeto, a great artist from our label partner, Future Archives. The composer and producer Kris Kovacs created a custom overlay.



From up-and-comers to household names, our collection of artists work across all genres to deliver the dynamic performances your trailer needs to engage its audience.

Medium shot of the four members with "All 4 One - I swear" written on the top


If you lived through the nineties or are nostalgic for the period, then you certainly know the R&B group All-4-One and their 1995 Grammy winning song, "I Swear." When presented with the opportunity to create an official trailerization of this classic song, the treatment we felt would lend itself best to nostalgic appeal is a horror flip a la Jordan Peele's Us trailer. We also love this song in its original format to carry any moment of irony or nostalgia.

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Sound Design

Sound design is the glue that binds on-screen action, dialogue, and music. It heightens tension, punctuates jokes, elevates movement, and can make music sound larger than life. Our extensive collection of sounds spans all genres including horror, action, family and animation, and more. We work alongside some of the best editors in the trailer business to create the sounds you need to tell – and sell – your story.

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music licensing for film & video


All music and sound design provided by Sencit requires a license for use. To license music or sound design for your trailer, spot, or campaign, please follow these steps:

Find the tracks that you'd like to use.

Click Start Licensing below to fill the form or email [email protected] with details as described on that page.

Complete the license, pay for the use and sync the music!