Sencit Case Study: Deathloop
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Close-up of the vinyl record Deja Vu from Deathloop

Sencit Case Study: Deathloop

The Project

Entertainment marketing for video games is always an exciting challenge. On this project, our team was tasked with composing a suite of original songs to support Arkane/Bethesda’s Deathloop. Our producer, Brett Sorrentino, and music supervisor, Brett Weyhrich, needed to tap into a retro 60s spy vibe that told a story and sufficiently hyped the game. Together, they rallied a team of composers and talent that delivered the Clio Award-winning original song, “Dejá Vù.”

From the success of the original campaign for Deathloop, we were asked to create two remixes for the Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2022, one in English - FJØRA on vocals and one in Japanese - Ashley Alisha on vocals. Dejá Vù won Best Original Song at the 2022 Game Audio Network Guild Awards.


When the client approached us with this project, they were looking for music and lyrics that would elevate the storyline. 60s spy was central to the theme, and one of our biggest challenges (and opportunities) was to find contemporary artists that could channel a nostalgic tone. Under a tight deadline, we organized our composing team and paired them with handpicked artists. Throughout the process, we’d frequently check-in with our client to ensure we were on the right track. One of the major benefits of working with Sencit is this full-service approach, and this project is a testament to that.

After three demos were created for each project, client feedback was provided and revisions were made to each demo. From here, the client selected the demo they wanted to move forward with for the trailer. The key to getting there was molding the creative until the client was satisfied, but also anticipating their needs from our briefing process.

Overall, the Sencit-sourced talent behind this project was pivotal to its success. We were able to take inspiring content and direction from the client and weave it into something that could stand on its own.

Building on the success of the 2021 release, Bethesda Softworks decided to release the game on Xbox and PC in September 2022, giving a fresh new look to the trailers with the goal of maintaining the legacy and inspire excitement. With that, the client wanted to appeal to a larger international audience, the Japanese market in particular.

The Process

When starting any project, Sencit is dedicated to understanding the client’s vision inside and out. From the imagery they find most inspiring, to the timeline we have to make it all happen, nothing is overlooked. Our approach integrates A&R, artist and label partnerships (both known and up-and-comers), music supervision, and rights clearances, bespoke production, all with the purpose of providing the best tools to create successful campaigns.

With 13 years of composing music and sound design for trailers, we have a deep understanding of our clients' needs, even when they cannot articulate it. Combining this knowledge with our music supervision network, we are able to go beyond a typical trailer library and bring in an array of collaborators to create a compelling campaign. Deathloop is a great example of this. Our A&R team identified the best artists to collaborate with our production team in the creation of three original songs.

For the Deathloop Tokyo remix, we decided to shift certain elements that were in the original version. Instrumentally, we added additional retro, Bond-like elements. Vocally, our Director of A&R and Music Supervision, Brett Weyhrich, found the incredibly talented multilingual singer, Ashley Alisha, with an impeccable tone that matched our English language singer, FJØRA. Brett Sorrentino worked closely with composer/producer Kris Kovacs to create these updated versions. It was important that while this was the same song, this rendition should feel different. We explored different tempos and rhythmic feels to break out of the mold of the original version and reimagine what it could be.

The Result

Our ability to source the right talent and let them do what they do best resulted in a knockout success. Social media, comment boards, and the press were buzzing over the campaign. The title song for the game, “Dejá Vù,” was leveraged by Bethesda for social media through remixes by Future, Steve Aoki, and Madison Beer. In fact, “Dejá Vù” took home a Silver Clio Award for the Game Trailer category.

And for the 2022 Xbox and PC release, the remixes, which honor the original version of “Dejá Vù,” , but with a faster, more driving sound, have successfully shone a new light on this award winning game.

Watch the Japanese spot here.

Watch the English spot here.

Deathloop poster. On top, illustration of a woman's profile shooting her gun and below a profile of a man holding his gun with one hand, and closing his fist with the other.


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