Jonathan Söhngen
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Jonathan Söhngen

Jonathan is a composer from Lake Constance, born into a musical family he came into contact with music at a very early age. As soon as he could reach the piano in his living room, he started playing on it and teaching himself autodidactically.In his Teens, Jonathan first came to contact with music software, which became his primary Instrument. After composing lessons with the South-African pianist/composer Surendran Reddy, he continued integrating orchestral sounds in his music on a deeper level.

Jonathan has been writing Epic Hybrid-Orchestral Music for 15 Years now, as well as a brought Variety of Modern & Electronic Genres, which he can fuse seamlessly. Working full-time as a composer/sound designer for agencies, providing music for big Brands and their Campaigns, makes him used to tight deadlines and quick turnarounds. His unique musical upbringing, his ability to organically fuse electronic and classical music, his continuous interest and curiosity in all music styles, and his limitless dedication regarding his own work are qualities which make his music that strong and special.

Recent Projects

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    Starfield – Official Live Action Trailer

    Our team had a great time collaborating with Bethesda Softworks and Inon Zur to ...

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