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About Sencit

Sencit is your premier source for music and sound design for theatrical advertising. Our music cue catalog consists of tracks specifically produced for trailers. Our sound design is ubiquitous with film advertising and can be heard in most film trailers you've seen since 2015. In 2021 we introduced an artist catalog, where we provide songs that can support the needs of theatrical trailers and help artists generate additional income for their music.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients' needs are met, no matter the size of their project or campaign. Our passion transcends quality sounds and cues. We leverage our years of experience and deep understanding of every aspect of our craft to deliver full-scope music and sound design solutions of the highest caliber.

Headshot of Mike Zarin

Mike Zarin

Founder and President

Mike has been working in film and video game trailer music since 2005 and has a passion for trying new things, staying ahead of the curve, and providing content that meets the demands of high profile entertainment marketing.


All music and sound design provided by Sencit requires a license for use. To license music or sound design for your trailer, spot, or campaign, please follow these steps:

Find the tracks that you'd like to use.

Click Start Licensing below to fill the form or email [email protected] with details as described on that page.

Complete the license, pay for the use and sync the music!